At Marquette Golf Club, we believe in more than just golf – we’re also about creating unforgettable experiences and fostering a sense of community. Throughout the year, we host a variety of events designed to bring people together and celebrate the joy of golf and camaraderie.

Join us for our annual tournaments, where golfers of all skill levels come together to compete and showcase their talents. From our prestigious club championship to charity fundraisers and corporate outings, there’s always something exciting happening on our greens.

If you are looking for something beyond the traditional golf outing? Our calendar is filled with special events that cater to every interest and occasion. Whether it’s the themed party on Kentucky Derby weekend or the famous Halloween Party, live music night, Euchre night or holiday celebration, you’ll find something to delight and entertain you.

Throughout the season, we offer various clinics and workshops led by our experienced instructors.  These sessions cover everything from swing fundamentals to course management, providing valuable insights and tips to help you elevate your golfing skills. We also like to bring in the experts from the various golf brands to assist with giving you a hands on experience before buy those new clubs.

Stay up-to-date on all the latest events and happenings at MGC by following us on social media and signing up for our newsletter. Don’t miss out on the excitement – join us for an unforgettable experience on and off the course!