Golf Cart Policy

  1. MGC will limit private cart storage stalls to current private cart storage owners as of November 24th, 2020. Current private cart storage owners, their spouse and children will have privileges that will allow them to retain their stall until they leave the club and/or no longer pay cart fees. These privileges can also be passed on to one generation as long as there are no lapses in payment of annual fees. MGC documented co-owners as of November 24th, 2020 will have the same privileges, but can only pass their privileges to each other. There will be no waiting list for private cart storage going forward. Any cart stalls that become available through attrition will be owned by the club and used for equipment and future cart lease fleet.
  2. Existing trail fee users, their spouse and children will be grandfathered as of November 24th, 2020 and will retain their privileges to trail fees until they leave the club and/or no longer pay cart fees. These privileges can be passed on to one generation as long as there are no lapses in payment of annual fees.
  3. The total number of private owned carts will be decreased over time and they will be replaced by MGC fleet. Members who hold current private cart stalls will be allowed to use stall until member leaves club and/or stops paying cart fees. Members who currently have trail fee privileges will be able to keep them until they leave the club and/or stop paying cart fees.
  4. The board shall ensure that private cart stalls vacated due to attrition are utilized by MGC only except in the case of a swap from a trail fee to private cart storage which is permitted. Swapping from private cart storage to trail fee is also permitted.
  5. The Board shall manage the diminishing level of private cart stall openings for member use over time. The Board shall meet a goal of zero private cart opportunities over time. There will be NO new private cart opportunities after 2020.
  6. Every private cart owner shall designate on membership application single or family that shall consist of (2) parents and/ or children under 21 years of age living in the same household or MGC documented co-owners.
  7. Every adult member must designate on membership application a method to account for cart usage for every new season. Rates and categories subject to Board review. There will be a “pay as you go option” whereby the golfer agrees to pay the daily cart fee each and every time they are on the tee sheet whether they ride an MGC or privately owned cart.
  8. The board shall encourage and welcome golfers who wish to walk. The Langford- Heritage and Greywalls courses will be available to walking. Walking golfers (on the tee sheet) who use MGC or private cart shall be charged daily rate.
  9. A player driving a MGC golf rental cart must be 16. Private family- owned carts and staff who are at work shall be 16 years of age to operate family-owned cart or MGC rental fleet.
  10. MGC cart fleet shall have cart keys managed, issued and collected by the golf shop for members and guests using the fleet. Cart keys shall be signed out to the driver. The golf cart shall be returned to the golf shop staff in good order.
  11. As of the 2021 season, MGC will no longer allow privately trailered carts to be used for tournaments.

Revised: September 2022 Adopted: March 2021