Marquette Golf Club Mission, Objectives and Core Values

Marquette Golf Club Mission, Objectives and Core Values

Mission:  To provide a high-value golf experience to membership, supported with public play, while serving as a contributing community partner and Midwest recreational attraction. The Marquette Golf Club commitment to customer service excellence is imbued in our fundamental objectives and the core values they encompass.

Fundamental MGC Objectives 

  • Make everyone feel welcome when visiting and patronizing our unique facility. 
  • Consistently deliver high value experiences to our members and public guests. 
  • Foster a meaningful membership culture to sustain and expand membership. 
  • Promote the game of golf to area youth in the interest of personal development. 
  • Serve as a community and regional attraction of economic significance. 
  • Partner with local businesses to develop mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Build on Greywalls’ destination designation.
  • Earn rave reviews from members and guests in all aspects of our business.
  • Maintain and preserve the quality of our courses and facilities for future members and guests. 

MGC Core Values  

  • Teamwork:  We work together with integrity and professionalism to achieve objectives in the best interest of Marquette Golf Club.  We share information and communicate simply, clearly, and often.  We encourage volunteerism, are not afraid to ask for help, and willingly provide help when asked.
  • Continuous Improvement: We seek continuous improvement in our Grounds, Golf Shop, Clubhouse, and member activities.  We remain open-minded and consult regularly with teammates, members, and guests for feedback and new ideas.
  • Respect: We provide a welcoming, caring, fun, respectful, positive environment for members, guests, and staff.  We treat our employees like the assets they are and invest time developing them for professional opportunities when and where possible.  Our service expectations reflect our appreciation to all members and guests who avail themselves of the MGC experience.  
  • Inclusion: We promote the game of golf and offer facilities to challenge players at all levels within a welcoming atmosphere for anyone to join.  We work with community business partners and non-profits to make our courses available for golf outings and charitable fundraising.  We proudly welcome non-residents and guests to experience our facilities through national memberships, UPGA events, and daily guest rates.
  • Fiscal Responsibility: We practice fiscal responsibility all day, every day, in every way and continually innovate to do more with less.  We take this stewardship to preserve membership value seriously.  Our commitment to customer service excellence is predicated on the principle that it does not cost anything extra to be nice to people.   

Pride: We take pride in our nationally acclaimed Greywalls course and classically designed Heritage course.  We take pride in our excellent service and the customer experience we offer. We take pride in our casual clubhouse and comfortable menu offerings.  We take pride in our fiscal responsibility and knowing we offer the best we can afford.  We take pride in everything MGC.